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About us

From the South of Germany to the Whole World!!

Since 1956 - for more than 40 years - HERMLE centrifuges are being sold to all parts of the world.
Once a division of Berthold Hermle AG in Gosheim, HERMLE Labortechnik GmbH in Wehingen is a company of its own since the end of 1993.

The whole production program has been entirely renewed during that time.

Each unit stands for efficiency, versatility and easy handling. In the meantime our centrifuges are welcome in the fields of medicine, research and industry.

A wide range of rotors is available for the different models.

All centrifuges are equipped with a microprocessor and a maintenance-free induction motor. The refrigeration system is of course CFC-free.

We and our partners are always at your assistance.

Products and services

Z 206 A - Compact Unit for 12 x 15 ml / 6 x 50 ml tubes
max. 6000 rpm - 4427 xg

Z 216 MK - Refrigerated Microlitrecentrifuge for 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes
max. 15000 rpm - 21379 xg

Z 326 K - Refrigerated Centrifuge for max. 4 x 100 ml
max. 18000 rpm - 23542 xg

Z 36 HK - Refrigerated High-Speed Centrifuge for max. 6 x 250 ml
max. 30000 rpm - 65395 xg
Compact Centrifuge Z 206 A

Compact Centrifuge Z 206 A

The Z 206 A accepts up to 12 x 15 ml conical and round bottom tubes.
For tubes with smaller dimensions we offer several adapters. For larger volumes we offer an angle rotor for 6 x 50 ml conical and round bottom tubes.

Microlitre Centrifuge Z 216 MK

Microlitre Centrifuge Z 216 MK

The Z 216 MK is setting a new standard in this centrifuge class. Capable of centrifuging up to 44 x 1.5/2.0 ml at each run. Due to its compact design and quiet running properties it is fitting perfectly in its working area. The powerful refrigeration system keeps samples at temperatures as low as 4°C during a continuous run at 20000 xg.

Refrigerated Centrifuge Z 326 K

Refrigerated Centrifuge Z 326 K

The refrigerated table top centrifuge Z 326 K offers a wide range of rotor options, making them ideal for a wide variety of research applications. Rotor exchange is very simple and can take place in a matter of seconds.
The Z 326 K includes the cooling system on the back side of the unit, optimized for the lab bench at only 40 cm wide.

News & Innovations

Floor-standing units ZK 496 

The new refrigerated series of the ZK 496 are available in two different working heights. Both as floor-standing model and as convenient below table unit. A big volume of max. 4 x 1000 ml can be processed and as known of HERMLE a wide range of adapters is on-hand.| » Further reading 

Z 207 A / Z 207 M 

Ask for the flyer!!| » Further reading 


Hermle Labortechnik GmbH
Siemensstr. 25
78564 Wehingen

Phone: +49 7426 962250

Walter Haberkorn
Managing Director
Phone: +49 170 7943983

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