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About us

TSE Systems has over 130 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing sophisticated life science research equipment. Today, using the latest technology, we are a leading supplier for comprehensive solutions in the fields of Metabolism, Behavior, Physiology and Inhalation Toxicology and Telemetry. Our innovative Stellar telemetry system is currently being used to monitor a wide a range of physiologic parameters in virtually any species.

Products and services

As well our integrated modular hard- and software platforms allows us to serve both individual customer needs, as well as meeting the accepted requirements in the field while adhering to the highest standards for quality, flexibility and user friendliness.


IntelliCage by NewBehavior allows automated cognitive and behavioral screening of mutant or treated mice living in social groups.

IntelliCage allows normal social behavior of mice and respects animal welfare. Your mice will act and react more naturally in an undisturbed environment while living in their normal social circle – increasing the quality and comparability of your data while minimizing your effort!

Stellar Telemetry- wireless monitoring of vital signs

Stellar Telemetry- wireless monitoring of vital signs

Stellar Telemetry is the next generation of implantable telemetry technology.
The system allows monitoring of unlimited animals with just one (1) receiver(!), allowing group housing AND social interaction studies AND monitoring of animals without the need for individual dedicated platforms under each cage.



The PhenoMaster offers a highly flexible modular solution for state-of-the-art automated home cage based metabolic and behavioral monitoring of small laboratory animals.


TSE Systems
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